Residential Cleaning

We'd love to work with you and leave you a super clean place!

Residential Cleaning Service

Home is where the heart yearns to be. It feels best when it’s squeaky clean. Imagine a possible scenario where you get home to meet your apartment looking very clean like you’ve always wanted it to be. All you just have to do is have your shower and relax on your bed or couch. Don’t just imagine it; we can make it come alive. Capital Cleaning knows how to deliver unmatched residential cleaning services that are sure to leave your jaw dropped in amazement. We offer professional home cleaning services you’ll hardly get elsewhere.

House cleaning is an inevitable thing that comes with homeownership, but your busy schedule can make you ignore this till it becomes so bad. Of course, you shouldn’t leave your busy schedule to clean your home. Let us handle that for you while you hone your focus on other things. The best part is this; you’ll have every reason to work with us when next your residential building is due for a cleaning.

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Residential Cleaning Services

We’re fully ready and equipped to help you save money and time with our cleaning services. Our experts are friendly, yet professional and are fully committed to providing an applaudable and consistent cleaning experience you can always trust. We understand you have your special needs when it comes to cleaning your home, so we tailor our expertise and services to meet your particular needs while sticking to expert cleaning standards.

Detailed Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning

At Capital Cleaning, our experts know that your bathroom and kitchen are some of the most-used sections of your home. As such, they require the best attention. Your bathroom goes to define your level of cleanliness and we can take it up a notch. We have the tools and the expertise to make your bathroom shine again. Likewise, we clean your kitchen like it’s ours, so you can make meals hygienically. We wash, disinfect and rinse the necessary fixtures and leave your space sparkling again.

Mopping and Vacuuming All Floors

– Professional residential home cleaning cannot exist without proper mopping and vacuuming. Having delivered amazing home cleaning services over time, we’ve realized this, and do all it takes to vacuum all floors. You can feel the difference when you step into your apartment after our service delivery. We prioritize high-traffic areas, ensuring they sparkle again.

Disinfection and Cleaning of High-touchpoint Areas

– Capital Cleaning is a brand that knows the rudiments of residential cleaning. We know the areas in your home that deserve thorough disinfection and cleaning. These areas are often used and can get contaminated easily. When you work with us, rest assured we’ll go far and beyond to ensure we disinfect these high touchpoint areas while cleaning your home.

Residential Cleaning That Fits Your Schedule

It would be best if you focused on other activities that matter most to you then spend several hours doing home cleaning. We understand you probably have a very busy schedule. So, we come in handy with our expert cleaning services. Capital Cleaning will transform your space into an enjoyable home with a shine and sparkle.

When it comes to residential cleaning, we go all in to ensure you can always call on us any other time you need a team to clean your home. We’re proud to be a brand people recommend with confidence, and we’re always ready to make you feel the experience.

Capital Cleaning is the brand to call. Request a cleaning quote for your home or simply call us to discuss your cleaning project, requirements, and schedule, and we’ll strive to make all activities fit into your schedule. Your satisfaction is sure!