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No one should have to bother about cleaning their homes or doing laundry after a long, stressful day at work. You deserve to walk into your home and instantly enjoy a pleasant ambiance that only a super clean environment offers. If you’re wondering just how you can enjoy such a feeling, look no further. Capital Cleaning services have got you covered. Our cleaning experts will transform your home by carrying out professional cleansing procedures in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom – anywhere. With Capital Cleaning services in your employ, you get to walk into a sparkling clean house with zero damage or alterations to existing home elements. We are always available for hire weekly or monthly, so you can trust us to deliver whenever you call upon our professional house cleaning service. We promise to go above and beyond to make your home feel like paradise.

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On-Going Cleaning Services

Capital Cleaning Services understands the impact of COVID-19 in the community and the world at large. That is why we have incorporated strict preventive safety measures set by the United States Government, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other major health agencies into our daily cleaning operations. Some of the safety measures include staying home when sick, frequent and thorough washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, using alcohol-based sanitizers in the absence of soap and water, wearing facemasks in public, and social distancing in public areas.

To make our precautions more effective, we want to encourage you to inform us in advance if there are any infection concerns so that we take extra safety precautions. We will continue to update our safety measures when we come across new information.

You can book an appointment with Capital Cleaning services today! Our services are incredibly affordable and will save you the time and stress required to clean your home by yourself. Capital cleaners are highly motivated to provide the best cleaning services in a professional and friendly way. We understand that everyone has preferences for home cleaning, and we are prepared to tailor our services to suit your needs without sacrificing quality.

  • Intensive scrubbing and cleaning of your kitchen and restrooms
  • Sterilization of potential germ hotspots
  • Floor scrubbing, mopping, and vacuuming


Flexible and Quality Ongoing Cleaning Services

Cleaning the home is serious work that usually takes a chunk of time, however, you can save your time and sit back while our Capital Cleaners take over the cleaning of your home. We can swab, floss, scrub, disinfect, and polish everything in your home – all you have to do is say the word. Keeping your home clean is our priority, so expect nothing but top-notch service delivery from us. Our cleaning experts always work with caution not to destroy or diminish the quality of your home accessories, so your home is safe in our hands.

On-Going Cleaning That Fits Your Schedule

Capital Cleaning services can work with your schedule and ensure that we do not interfere with your personal life or belongings. Your wish is our command, and we will always be ready whether you prefer weekly or monthly professional cleaning services. We can also discuss other flexible cleaning schedules, and you can trust that your home will always take on a new sparkling clean look no matter the time or place.

Take the first step today by requesting a free cleaning quote below. Alternatively, you can contact our astute customer care representatives to make inquiries and book an appointment. Hiring our services promises to be the best home cleaning decision you make, and we will undoubtedly deliver beyond your expectations. Customer care is a priority at Capital Cleaning, and it is evident in our customer relations. You can visit our office, request for an instant quote, or call our customer care representatives for more details.