Eileen & Bill T. (Sacramento)
Gave the Green-Clean ****
The quality of the girls work hasn't diminished over time. Usually, the cleaning is great when any cleaning service first starts off, but as time goes by, the quality of work diminishes. That’s what I’ve heard!  But, I haven't found that with you.  Thanks for the past 1
8 years!

Joyce, B. (Natomas)
Gave the Traditional-Clean ****
Thank you for our house cleaning yesterday and for my sister's too.  She loved life and will always be remembered for that.  She was always such a neat-freak and having your service in the end was such a huge relief for her. The free house cleanings you provide is such a selfless act, you and your staff deserve many blessings. I can see why your staff is overwhelmed with requests.  I just don't understand why no other housekeeping services help out. Please explain!

Jennifer S. (West Sacramento)
Gave the Green-Clean ****
Hi Donna, Will you please thank Leti for the terrific job she did on our new flooring, it took her a lot of time.  Hopefully next week it won't be as dirty.  We didn't realize you have a Referral Program! We've been sending out the article on Sodium Lauryl Sulfate from your website for many years now, John knows this!  Does this count as a referral?

Shelly, L (Roseville)
Gave the Power-Clean ***
Hello Donna!  First, I wanted to thank the girls for their hard work last week.  And, they did work hard! Second, the six outside windows they cleaned were a waste of time.  It rained!  Perhaps the girls can remember next time it rains to skip the windows and keep with the rotation.
  (Comment: This is why we ask for a list-of-order)

Jody G. (Carmichael)
Gave the Traditional-Clean ****
My floors, bathrooms and corners have never been cleaned this well! I am so happy with our new maid service.  I would recommend you to everyone.

Sara J. (Arden)
Gave the Green-Clean ****
Your employees were actually here when I got home from work so I got to watch them with the Eco-cleaning.  Very nice and the house looks great! Another wonderful job!  Anyway, wanted to drop you a quick note saying, “Thank you” and let you know that I'm continuing to spread the word!

Jenny T. (Citrus Heights)
Gave the Power-Clean ****
All Your gals are fantastic! Thanks again for the great job they did cleaning my house and my windows too! I didn't realize how dingy the windows were. All I can say is WOW! By the way, if your Cleaning Team has not told you, they have been talking to me about the Holistic service. Please book me a Holistic Cleaning for next week, I want to give it a try.

Frank S. (Fair Oaks)
Gave the Power-Clean ***
Thank you Donna & Workers! You came to my rescue and cleaned the house so I got all of my cleaning deposit back! Thanks to Maria and Jovana for all their hard work. You guys are the best! Hope to see you soon.