Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is your Better Business Bureau rating?
A+ since 1989. To verify, please visit our listing on the Better Business Bureau website.

How can I trust you? What’s your experience?
Communication and trust is the heart of our business, and we understand that we must earn your trust every time we clean for you! Capital Cleaning is a family-owned and operated cleaning company that has been serving the Sacramento area since 1989. Please read more about us by visiting the About Us section of our website. Please also note that we are fully licensed, insured and bonded, and our employees undergo fingerprinting and background checks.

Do you offer testimonials or references?
Yes. We have a testimonials page in the About Us section of our website. We also include testimonials on our Cleaning for a Reason page. In addition, you will find testimonials for Capital Cleaning when you do a Google search. We also ask our clients to complete an online ‘Customer Survey’ which is then forwarded to the Better Business Bureau. View our ‘Customer Survey’ views on our Facebook page!

What about "Special Requests?"
We welcome special requests! Just let us know of any additional services or extra hours needed at least 48 hours before your scheduled service. (This ensures that we aren’t late for our next scheduled appointment.)

How do you monitor quality?
Each member of the team checks the other team members’ work and then signs off on the work ticket. In addition, management has their own routes for periodic cleaning and spot-checking of all homes.

Who provides the cleaning supplies and equipment?
Our cleaning crews come prepared with our own cleaning supplies and equipment. Listed below are a few exceptions to this rule:
1) If client wants granite counter tops sealed, client will need to provide sealer.
2) If client has copper or brass to be polished, client will need to provide polish.
3) If client wants oven cleaned, client needs to spray oven the night before service.
4) If a ladder is needed for service, client needs to provide (we carry 3’ step-stools).
5) If client wants granite, marble, or hardwood polished, client to provide polish.
6) If client wants carpet scent applied to carpets before vacuuming, client to provide.
7) If client wants windows cleaned, client to move items that are in front of windows.
8) If the inside of a toilet bowl will not come clean, and client requests it to be cleaned with something other than a pumas stone, client will need to supply this product.

What types of cleaning do you offer?
We offer five types of cleaning services:
1) Green-Clean
2) Deluxe-Clean
3) Power-Clean
4) Carpet-Shampooing
5) Window-Cleaning
For more information on our natural cleaning services, please see our Residential Cleaning Services page (under the Services menu).

How do clients pay you?
Payment for services is due when services are provided. Our customers can either provide us with a check at the completion of the work, or they can pay using the PayPal link on our website (see the Paypal Payment Center under the Shopping menu).

What should I do before the cleaning crew arrives?
Picking up or organizing is the most important thing a client can do before the cleaning crew arrives. This allows the cleaners to spend less time preparing to clean, and more time cleaning.

What about laundry services, bedding, and washing dishes?
We would be happy to provide laundry services, including the proper folding of clothes and linens, as well as changing bedding and washing dishes - if this is where you want our time spent.

If I give you a key for entry, how will it be protected?
Your key is securely stored in your lock-box, on your property, at all times. If you do not already have a lock-box, we will supply one for you.

Do I have to lock up my pets?
That is up to you! Our employees like pets and are happy to have them around, as long as the pets feel the same way. However, if you have an aggressive dog, we are sorry, but we cannot provide service.

What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?
If there is ever a concern about our cleaning services, contact us within 24-hours and we will schedule a prompt re-clean at no additional cost to you.

What if something is damaged?
We promise to treat you and your home with complete respect. If something does unexpectedly break or become damaged, we will make arrangements for replacement or repair. We are fully insured, so claims are filed when appropriate. However, Capital Cleaning will not be held responsible for damages resulting from items being improperly secured, including light fixtures, pictures, and wall hangings.

How much does it cost to have my home cleaned?
Our 20+ years of success can be attributed to our individual cleaning plan that we customize to match each homeowner’s needs. It begins with two initial house cleanings, both set at the Worker-Hour-Rate offered on your coupon. The first cleaning removes heavy soil build-ups and the second cleaning is used to judge the amount of time required for on-going cleaning. Using this knowledge, we customize a cleaning plan designed to match each homeowner’s individual needs, preferences, and budget. At this point, the homeowner can choose to stay with the hourly rate, or switch to a fixed rate. Be assured, however, that when we know exactly how long it takes to clean, our rate will not increase!

What are your hours of operation?
Please refer to the Service Agreement on our Book a Cleaning page.

Yellow Post-It Notes
If you have any fixtures, pictures, or wall hangings that are improperly secured, please place a yellow ‘Post-It Note’ on these items. Yellow ‘Post-It Notes’ are a sign to our workers that this item is not secured and can/will be damaged if touched.

Some clients have their own disinfectant, a scent that is pleasant to them.  If you would like us to use your disinfectant, please set it out.  Disinfectants can be very troublesome for some people and we recommend and use a non-toxic, no rinse, no NPE, non-alkaline Disinfectant.  This is a One-Step Disinfectant, Viruscide, Fungicide, Mildewstat, and Sanitizer that kills MRSA, HIV, Hepatitus, E-Coli, Staph and Herpes and much more.  Listed on our website is a summary of all the Antimicrobial Claims.

Bleach & Mold
Clients can provide their own favorite moldicide product, or we can supply a chlorine based moldicide.  Frankly, we don’t recommend using bleach, but occasionally a client requests it.  If a client requests the use of bleach, the client will need to provide it as our cleaning crews don’t carry it.   

Flooring & Stone
Capital Cleaning provides cleaners for Linoleum and Vinyl flooring as well as Ceramic and Porcelain tiles. If a client has the following flooring, or stone, we ask that ‘you’ (the client) supply the cleaner:  Bamboo, Cork, Terrazzo, Slate, Laminate, Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, Rubber, Granite, Marble, Metal, Glass, Stone, Quartz and Limestone.  If you do not supply the cleaner, we will use a mild dish soap.

Vertical or Mini Blinds
If requested, our workers will dust your vertical and/or mini blinds. If requested, we will also ‘wet-clean’ these blinds.  A word of caution, we don’t recommend ‘wet-cleaning’ since these blinds have a tendency to break.  These types of blinds (if wet-cleaned) should only be cleaned by a van-mounted service company.  If Client insists on ‘wet-cleaning’ blinds, Capital Cleaning will not be held reasonable for any damage.

Shower Glass & Framing
One of the biggest concerns clients have are their shower enclosures. What at one time were beautiful frames of Silver, Brushed Nickel, Gold, or Bronze, no longer shine, nor catch the eye.  They simply will not come clean anymore!  As for the glass, that once was a beauty by itself, it is now a haze of soap and hard water stains. So what happened?  What went wrong?   Many people (and some Cleaning Companies are guilty of this too!) are using items like Comet, Vinegar, Ajax, Bleach, Tilex, Ammonia, CLR, and high PH Foams and Gels to clean shower enclosures. These items will surely work, but these items are all corrosive acids which will break down the glass over time.  Break down means what you see and think is soap scum, could actually be etched glass -- you can't fix it.  Chemicals in water also pit the glass over time.  How about the anodized chrome and aluminum channeling?  We can blame these same cleaners as well for the pitting, but we also know some of that damage comes from hard water calcium deposits that eat away at the finish.  When our employees are finished cleaning, you will be able to see this damage clearly.  If this damage already exists under the soap scum, you will then notice that your finish is dull or discolored. Therefore, since this damage could already be present before we clean, Capital Cleaning will not be held responsible for damages resulting from dull or discoloring channeling, or etched glass.  

Clean Floor…Dirty Rug
Just an FYI, when we clean your bathroom floors, we won’t put the dirty rugs back down on the clean floor!