Cleaning for a Reason


John and his crew of two came to clean my home last week. I was so shocked as they brought ALL their own cleaning supplies, including buckets and vacuum cleaner. John explained to me how Cleaning for a Reason got started. Very interesting. John and his wife are so committed to "Cleaning for a Reason!" They had deaths in their families from cancer and this is what they do to give back in our community. How wonderful!

I asked John what the charge would normally be to clean my house. He said ask his wife. I was trying to get an idea so I could at least tip him and his crew upon completion. NO WAY said John. They can't take tips as Cleaning for a Reason is a n
ational organization and they truly give their services for free to cancer patients.

Between the three of them, they were in my home for two hours. That's six man hours of cleaning. Wow! My toilets haven't sparkeled like they do now for a long time. They used the pumice stone and got the rings out that I haven't been able to do for months. They did a fabulous job in my large home. I have lots of glass and knick-knacks (unfortunately), but they tackled it all - the kitchen, floor, stove, micro-wave, wiping down cabinets, etc. And they vacuumed and dusted the the entire house. Oh, and mirrors, they cleaned all my mirrors too!

I feel very qualified to give this testimony/recommendation as I have had my home professionally cleaned on and off for years. Capital Cleaning, through the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, did a top notch job.

Thank you John and your entire staff for the professional, yet friendly, job you all did for me!
What a wonderful job by wonderful people!

-June S.

Thank you so much for providing me with the Cleaning for a Reason program. Your service has been exceptional and it has been such a help to have your wonderful team come to my house and leave it sparkling clean. They are fast and efficient and this has been such a great help while going through chemo. I can’t thank you enough for providing this service to me.

Your crew did a wonderful job cleaning my house the past four months. When you are down health-wise and just can't get anything done, it works on your attitude and everything else. The first month your crew came over, they cleaned beyond what I expected. I had a green stain in the master bathroom sink for years. My soon to be ex-husband couldn't get rid of it with everything he tried. But that day it was all gone. I couldn't believe it. Your attitude is so much better when you know your house is cleaned. I think it helps a lot with the healing from the chemo too. You just feel better about life, your home, and knowing the kids are not living in filth. I am so glad a friend of mine found this service to help out when I was at my worst from the chemo treatment. Now I plan to keep the housework up as much as I can as I get even better. My daughter will help me, too. Thanks for helping to bring my spirits up during this time.

Your crew has been out to the house twice now and I can't begin to describe what a fabulous job they've done! I found Capital Cleaning through the Cleaning for a Reason website and together they're doing a wonderful service to those with cancer. I couldn't imagine going through chemotherapy and maintaining our house at the same time. You have taken the stress off my shoulders and I appreciate it so much!! I'm looking forward to seeing them again soon; they're truly wonderful people. :)

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me over these many years! On this Friday, the ladies will clean my house for the last time. I want you to know that losing all of you is like losing part of my family as I have enjoyed having your service and everyone has become so special to me. I wish I could take all of you with me! Your compassion in providing free cleanings for women with cancer is just amazing. You're like an angel and you've certainly earned your angel wings. And the ladies, you're all number one in my book and clearly stand above the rest. Keep up the good work!
A very pleased patient,

Thank you for our house cleaning yesterday and for my sister's, too. She loved life and will always be remembered for that. She was always such a neat-freak and having your service in the end was such a huge relief for her. The free house cleanings you provide is such a selfless act, you and your staff deserve many blessings. I can see why your staff is overwhelmed with requests. I just don't understand why no other housekeeping services help out. Please explain!
- Joyce, B.

Capital Cleaning is an official Sacramento Area Chapter for the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. That means we donate FREE professional housecleaning services to women who are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Cleaning for a Reason is a nationwide effort to provide free cleaning services to female cancer patients while they undergo treatment. Capital Cleaning is especially proud to be part of this effort. Click here to request this free cleaning service.

Terms and Conditions: Capital Cleaning will supply safe, 100% natural cleaning products at no cost to the patient.